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In at least two historical accounts, children with green skin appeared in the English village of Woolpit in the 12th century. But to this day, this strange tale continues to leave historians baffled.

On an otherwise normal day around 1150, residents of the English village of Woolpit made a startling discovery on the edge of town — two small children with green skin. Not only did the children look strange, but they also spoke a strange language and seemed perfectly repulsed by most food.

Taken in by the villagers, the odd pair eventually lost the green tone in their skin and learned to speak English. They claimed that they’d come from a distant land called St. Martin where people rarely encountered sunlight.

In the years since, the Green Children of Woolpit have become a baffling historical mystery. If they truly existed, what turned their skin green? What was the land of St. Martin? And could the explanation be extraterrestrial?

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