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31 January 2021 ( 97 views )

Dessert of Our Childhood: Pudding Recipe

Custard is a dessert recipe that our palate has been accustomed to since childhood. Even though there are pudding recipes made with rice flour, it will taste just as good when its consistency is bound with starch. It is such a simple and naive taste that nuts take on different recipes accompanied by chocolate and various fruit sauces.

A pudding dessert that suits the heat of summer, its pleasure is spooned. It also arouses respect with the decorations you can make with cinnamon powder. Complementing a successfully applied milk pudding recipe, these decorations are entirely up to your creativity. With our pudding recipe, which is the easiest and most economical of milk desserts, you can enjoy moments of pleasure.

You can serve this recipe, which will make the best pudding out of your hands, either in a glass, in a cup or in a cup. If you are ready, let's leave you with our practical and easy pudding recipe.

Ingredients for Custard Recipe

5 cups of milk
1 cup powdered sugar
3 tablespoons wheat starch (sifted)
1 packet of vanilla
1/2 tea glass flour
1 teaspoon of butter

For service:

1 banana
1 tablespoon powdered pistachios

Cooking Suggestion of Custard Recipe

Basically, you can make your pudding flavored by adding vanilla extract or a small piece of gum, and add 1 egg yolk to give it color and consistency.

How to Make Pudding Recipe?

1. Transfer 5 cups of cold milk to a large saucepan. After adding half a tea glass of flour, 3 tablespoons of wheat starch and 1 glass of powdered sugar, turn the heat on.

2. Cook, stirring occasionally, until it gets a thick consistency.