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19 January 2022 ( 170 views )

Best Herbal Remedies

Best Herbal Remedies

Learn new home remedies for depression, migraines and more, as well as types of alternative medicine.

This page is dedicated to explaining a variety of natural remedies, medicinal herbs and herbal medications, where and how to buy them, and how to prepare each home remedy. 

You will also find a little history on the use and effectiveness of these herbal home remedies among several ancient nationalities and groups.

Benefits of Alternative Medicine

Natural home remedies have been used for medicinal purposes among tribes and nations of people for thousands of years. The Chinese in particular used matcha green tea for 4,000 years as medicine.

Many of these herbal remedies were used for so long because of their true effectiveness, such as the popular aloe vera cactus plant and tea tree oil from native tea trees. Others, naturally, were combined with hokey rituals to ward off disease in a time when medicinal knowledge was not very advanced.

Herbal remedies are a form of alternative medicine. They are a way of preserving health and preventing problems, as well as curing many illnesses, pains, and aches.

Remedies for the symptoms of many natural occurences, such as menopause remedies, can make life a lot easier.

What are the Benefits of Using Alternative Medicine?

  • medicinal herbs are completely natural
  • natural vitamins can be bought to improve your health and    lengthen your life
  • alternative remedies will benefit overall health immensely
  • quality herbs and supplies contain no toxins
  • remedies are chemical-free, unlike many medicines
  • many contain natural antioxidants to combat harmful free radicals, such as witch hazel.
  • certain herbs can help promote anti aging and even reverse the signs of aging with natural antioxidants. 
  • many herbs strengthen your heart, liver, and other organs
  • herbal home remedies provide relief from illness and pain
  • they make wonderful, life-lengthening teas, soaps, and cremes

Healing Herbs


Goldenseal, also called Orange Root, is a wild plant found throughout the Pacific Northwest and in the northeastern United States. It is an amazing herb known for its natural antibacterial properties and use in herbal remedies. 

I consider this herb to be one of the best for use in natural remedies because of the many things it is capable of curing. It's properties are anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and antibacterial. 

Another great option is to grow it organically at home!


If you suffer from acne, the natural herb Calendula (pot marigold) is a helpful plant you may want to try. Calendula is not the same as corn marigolds or marsh marigolds, but belongs to the Marigold family. 

It is the dried petals of the Calendula marigold flower that contain so many healing properties. 

A Calendula tincture can be used to reduce inflammation of the skin and treat acne.

Flavanoids are abundant antioxidants in the plant that fight free radicals in the body. Calendula is also a wonderful herb because it seems to have antiviral effects in people. This plant provides natural cures for a wide variety of symptoms.



Feverfew is a natural pain reliever. It is a weed-like plant that grows in a small bush. Many people consider it to be a pesky weed, as it will proliferate over entire fields and throughout gardens. It is, however, very useful in herbal remedies.

Feverfew looks like a clump of miniature daisies, and grows in many areas of the United States, especially in the Pacific Northwest.

Feverfew is said to cure asthma, a common problem for many people today.

You may purchase Feverfew either through a capsule or tablet form, or buy the leaves. Place two teaspoons of Feverfew leaves into 16 ounces boiling water and allow to steep for eight minutes.


Herbal Remedies from Old Times

Native Americans are well known for their herbal remedies and treatments of various health problems. Sage was a common herb grown and harvested by Native American tribes to help cure depression and feelings of anxiety. 

"Doctors" in medieval Europe believed that the process of blood-letting would cure almost any sickness or disease the patient had! Unfortunately, many people were killed by this method of "healing."

The ancient Aztec's used papaya as an herb to help digestion, and as a laxative. The papaya fruit was also used to treat sunburns in the heat of South America, and to tenderize meat while it was being cooked.


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