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04 February 2021 ( 190 views )

Being unable to leave the house: What are the unknown symptoms of agoraphobia?

Although it is not common, agoraphobia is a mental disorder that progresses in secret and reduces the quality of life of the person. The further away a person is from home, the more they feel in danger. As the fear of confined spaces increases, the situation of being asocial increases. We investigated those who were curious about agoraphobia experienced with the increase of panic and fear. So what are the unknown symptoms of Agoraphobia?

Agoraphobia occurs when fear hormones in the brain are activated as a result of damage to nervous system cells. In addition to this situation, the severe trauma experienced by the person in childhood or the loss of one of his parents as a child also increases the risk of experiencing this disorder. In addition, experts emphasize that there may be a genetic condition in their research about this disorder. Agoraphobia people feel safer at home, and when they want to go out, they should have someone to make them feel safe. Some of these people also suffer from panic attack. When the person is left alone, he may experience panic attack attacks with the anxiety that he feels powerless in the face of what will happen to him.


These patients usually; It tends to escape from closed areas such as markets, streets, tunnels, public transport, elevators, planes, flat rooms, cinemas, theaters and gyms. Experts state that the advanced level of the ailment can be dangerous as it drives the person to suicide.