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From the very first moment, human beings have entered into a struggle with nature; He waged a war against the natural conditions and living creatures that were strong in himself and would harm him. Day by day, human beings have developed and achieved technological developments and achieved superiority against nature. It destroyed nature both to protect itself and to grow stronger, causing the extinction of many living things. Sometimes it caused this destruction just by thinking that he lived better.

Man exhibits great selfishness at the cost of his own life. He plays with the balance of nature as if he only lived on the earth, and destroys nature rather than healing it. Yes, human beings are now strong and should know how to protect themselves, as well as protect the nature in which they live, and respect the rights of other living things. This includes street animals, wild animals and even plants, marine creatures, micro-organisms.

Although many organizations have been established and carried out to raise awareness of people, unfortunately, nature and other living things in nature are still being harmed. Many creatures are becoming extinct, and this situation is often forgotten after a few "Woe". However, all this shows that the living space of human beings is about to disappear.

So now we're going to tell you about an event that reveals human inconsideration and selfishness.

A wild bison was detected near the Oder River in Lebus, Germany, on September 13, 2018

This is the first time something like this has been encountered in the country in the last 250 years, according to Te Local.
Contrary to this celebrated event, the authorities decided to shoot this endangered animal.
World Wildlife Form (WWF) now charges charges against authorities in East Germany
Bizo was first spotted by a resident of the German city of Lebus, Smithsonian Mag reports
The city dweller, seeing the size of the animal, panicked and warned the authorities
The creature was reportedly believed to be a threat to the safety of the city population.
The New York Times newspaper states that the authorities are primarily looking for a veterinarian to calm the animal down.

When a veterinarian is not available, the authorities resort to using local hunters.
Moritz Klose, policy director of the German branch of the World Wildlife Fund, made a surprising statement to Hauser
Klose said, “The people in the local government of the city are like crazy There is a wild bison wandering around. It's probably dangerous, and I think we need to pull the trigger. " found in the description.

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