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Jordan Graham always dreamed of her perfect wedding — she just wished the husband wasn’t included.

To many of their loved ones, Graham’s relationship with Cody Johnson was a blissful one. Following their wedding on June 29, 2013, however, friends said Graham became increasingly upset. The cause of the belated cold feet? According to a source close to the bride, she was terrified of having sex with her new husband.

One evening, just eight days after the wedding, Graham and Johnson took a hike along a cliffside in Glacier National Park, just a short trip from Graham’s hometown of Kalispell, Montana. She returned alone, and when Johnson was reported missing the next day, she said he had been out with friends.

Over a week later, with evidence and pressure mounting, Graham finally admitted the truth to the police: She had pushed Cody Johnson off a cliff to his death in the ravine below.

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