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03 February 2021 ( 317 views )

What is oral wound and why? Naturally healing intraoral wounds ...

Oral wounds, one of the most common health problems, almost reduce the quality of life of people. We have researched for you to get rid of oral wounds that cause eating and drinking difficulties naturally. Long-lasting intra-oral wound caused by various diseases is dangerous. So what is oral wound and why? Naturally healing intraoral wounds ...

Open-ended inflamed wounds in the oral cavity and gums; called thrush or mouth ulcer. Mouth sores are seen due to vitamin C deficiency. Mouth wounds people; It prevents activities such as eating, consuming hot drinks and brushing teeth. Oral wounds that adversely affect the quality of life can be a harbinger of disease as well as serious diseases. In the mouth wounds seen in 25 percent of the society, even if it passes after a while in some, it does not go long in some. Although the oral wound is not seen as a serious disease, it causes some health problems if it is not treated in time.


Low immune system

Hormonal disorder,

- stomach acid coming to the mouth due to some reasons,

- allergic weakness to foods

- Damage caused by unconscious tooth brushing,

Bad habits such as alcohol and smoking,

- Oral wounds usually after latent firing,

Psychological disorders such as stress, depression and anxiety,

- When there are hormonal changes such as menstrual period, puberty transitions, pregnancy and menopause,

- Vitamin C and D vitamin deficiency,

- After excessive consumption of acidic fruits and spices,

Inadequate cleaning,

- It occurs due to the side effects of some drugs.