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19 January 2022 ( 120 views )

What does intense pain in the kidneys herald?

Recently, kidney pain, which has come to the fore due to increasing complaints, has attracted the attention of experts. So what is the intense pain in the kidneys heralding? Here is the answer to the question:

Normally, the number of pies found in a person is two and these pies are located on the right and left separately from each other. However, although the exact cause is unknown, some situations cause the baby's donuts to merge while in the womb. This condition, which looks like a horseshoe in shape, is called horseshoe kidney disease. Avrasya Hospital Urology Specialist Op. Dr. Arman Çitçi explains what should be known about horseshoe kidney disease.

Kidneys begin to form on both sides of the spinal cord while in the womb. Kidneys are the primary organs that are formed gradually during the formation of the baby in the womb. In a normal process, the kidneys continue to develop separately as the baby grows and takes the correct position. However, some abnormal conditions cause some defects in this process and kidneys unite. This situation, which occurs between the 7th and 9th weeks of pregnancy, is not common, but it does not cause a life-threatening condition. However, studies reveal that people with horseshoe kidney disease get kidney stone diseases much more easily.

The most common symptoms of horseshoe kidney disease, which in some cases are asymptomatic at all, are:

Pain in the kidneys
Cloudy urine
Pain and burning during urination,
Blood seen in urine,
Weakness and tiredness,
High fever,
Vomiting complaints,