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04 February 2021 ( 197 views )

What Causes vomiting? What are the natural ways to prevent vomiting?

Vomiting seen in 3 out of 4 people in the society due to various reasons is a digestive system problem. Vomiting, which is the ejection of food that occurs by gagging and rises from the stomach to the mouth, is not a disease but a disease. Usually, the disease occurs afterwards. It decreases the quality of life of the person. So what causes vomiting? What are the natural ways to prevent vomiting?

The vomiting health problem experienced by each person at some point in his life is a symptom of different diseases. The food and foods consumed in the vomiting following the nausea are thrown orally. After the stomach is damaged, the desire to vomit, after the nerve stimulants activate the control center in the stomach, the stomach muscles throw the food towards the esophagus and cause it to rise up to the nasal passage. In short, vomiting is the event that the body throws what it does not want. Some people experience nausea for a long time, so vomiting does not occur immediately. Because the food that goes up in the vomiting process goes up with the opening of the lid at the intersection of the stomach and esophagus. Some people experience stomach pain for a long time because the strength of the muscular system cannot open this cover.

What causes vomiting?

- Poisoning

Long journeys

- Shake of marine vehicles

High nicotine and caffeine intake

- Viruses or bacteria that have entered the body

- Damage to stomach muscles after high fever

Insect bites

Incorrect drug consumption

Stomach ailments; ulcers, chills, and reflux

- As a result of changes in the complications in the body during pregnancy

- Vomiting may occur after surgical operations performed with narcosis and anesthesia applications.