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19 January 2022 ( 252 views )

Tiramisu Cake Recipe

It will warm your eyes with the colors of autumn and your stomach with its delicious coffee aroma. Tiramisu cake is a delicious gift for tiramisu lovers.

Ingredients for Tiramisu Cake Recipe

For the cream:

1 liter milk
1 egg yolk
3 tablespoons of flour
1 packet of vanilla
1 cup (one finger is missing) granulated sugar
1 packet cheese

For the cake:

2 packs of catfish biscuits
1 water glass milk (for soaking)
1 tablespoon of granulated coffee

For the above:

1 tablespoon cocoa

How to Make Tiramisu Cake Recipe?

1. For the cream, milk, starch, flour, sugar, egg yolk are put into the pan and cooked, stirring.