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The most famous of the submerged settlements may be the legendary Atlantis. But there are many submerged settlements around the world.

In the 14th century, a small harbor near Holderness, England, was sunk into the sea. The town of Ravenser Odd was devastated by two floods: the first destroyed the town's monastery and filled the streets with human remains. The latter caused, according to eyewitnesses, a "rising wall of water" that surrounded and engulfed the village. The inhabitants fled and Ravenser Odd was never heard from again. Now, scientists from the University of Hull have a plan to unearth "Yorkshire's Atlantis."

Sedimentology professor Daniel Parsons was taking a family beach trip when he first heard of the town. Speaking with historian Phil Mathison, Parsons said he learned that local fishermen looking for lobsters had seen some remains on the low-tide water surface. This first conversation sparked Parson's interest in the sunken town and its location. As a geoscientist, he was the one to try to find it.

Parsons' idea was to use high-resolution sonar systems, which he often uses to study sediment movement, to locate the town. Last year's excavation surveyed about 10 hectares from Spurn Point. Parsons was unsuccessful in this study, but he believes he will get results the next time around: “Given the stories we got from people on the lobster ships. I'm pretty sure we'll find something next time." says.

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