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According to those close to him, Steve Ross, Bob Ross’ son, is a better landscape painter than his father, the legendary host of of The Joy of Painting. But there wasn’t a thing in his life that he didn’t owe to his dad.

Steve Ross inherited many things from Bob Ross, including a love for painting, a passion for nature, and a soothing voice. One of the few differences between them might just be their hair. Where Bob Ross was known for his iconic red perm, Steve sported umber curls with a sprawling mullet.

Steve was a shining light in the life of his father, who radiated pride whenever Steve Ross and Bob Ross appeared together on The Joy of Painting. Steve looked up to his dad, and he went through a tough time when Bob Ross died following a brief battle with cancer.

Depression took a hold of the optimistic Steve, sapping him of all energy to paint. Though it took several years of healing – and a few legal battles over his father’s legacy – Steve is now back in front of the easel carrying on the Bob Ross legacy.

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