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20 January 2022 ( 68 views )

The Benefits Of A High Protein Diet

The Benefits Of A High Protein Diet

High protein diets increase in the amount of proteins one consumes on a daily basis.  Though there is some debate about the effectiveness of such a diet plan, many nutritionists and dieters seem to think that it is a great weight loss strategy.

The reasoning behind the high protein diet is that proteins make you feel fuller quicker and for a longer amount of time.  This enables you to go through your day without feeling hungry and reaching for unhealthy snacks.  The calories in the protein will last longer, meaning you will eat less of them in the long run, which allows you to lose weight more easily.    

Beyond this, proteins are also an essential nutrient that your body craves.  They are the building blocks to all of your cells and they are vital for growth, especially the growth of muscles and bone.  Proteins are also important because they can boost your immune system and reduce your risk for chronic diseases.

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Critics of high protein diets state that eating too much meat can lead to high blood pressure and other negative health conditions.  Though this is true in some cases, it is not true for everyone.  Besides, not every meat is created equally.  For example, leaner meats contain less calories, so they are not as bad for your health.  And by cutting out some of the fat in red meat you can greatly reduce your calorie intake.

The other argument against the claim that high protein diets cause high blood pressure is that meat is not the only source of protein.  There are many alternate sources that high protein diets promote such as beans, nuts, soy, and lentils.  Not only do these sources provide high protein, they also contain a number of other valuable nutrients.

Overall, there is no evidence with can definitively say that too many proteins leads to poor health.  In fact, people who have adopted high protein diets have reportedly had lower blood pressure than when they had started the diet.  Studies have also shown that high protein diets have been successful in reducing overall calorie intake and blood fats as well as maintaining the body’s lean tissue.

High protein diet participants have reported that they felt more satisfied with their meals and hungry less often.  Many were also pleased with the amount of weight they were loosing compared to previous diets they have tried.

Is High-Protein Diet Beneficial For All Of Us? The Answer Will Surprise You  - NDTV Food

Dietitians suggest that high protein dieters gradually increase their protein intake over the course of a week, to ease the body into the change.  The recommended amount of proteins to consume per day varies from person to person, but is approximately 120 grams per day.

By balancing your protein intake with various food sources, you increase your body’s ability to accept the nutrients.  It is also recommended that you compliment the higher levels of proteins with a nutritious diet that includes fruits, vegetables, dairy, grains, and physical activity.  Consult your doctor or a qualified dietitian to see if a high protein diet is a healthy option for you.


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