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The ancient Egyptian pharaohs often commemorated military victories over their enemies by having them depicted on the walls of great monuments. One of the most famous conflicts recorded on the walls of an Egyptian temple is that of the Battle of the Delta, fought by the pharaoh Ramesses III against the invading Sea Peoples.

The Battle of the Delta is thought to have been fought during the year 1175 BC. On one side were the Egyptians under Ramesses III, perceived by some to be the last great pharaoh of the New Kingdom. On the other side were the mysterious Sea Peoples, a term used to describe a group of sea-faring raiders mentioned in several Egyptian sources. These include the Peleset (Philistines), Tjekker of Crete, Shekelesh (Sicilians), Shardana / Sherden (Sardinians), and Lukka (possible ancestors of the Lycians).

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