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05 February 2021 ( 198 views )

Pillow Making in 2 Different Models


You can knit pillows that will add a stylish atmosphere to your home!

You will add a very different atmosphere to your home with two different pillow models that you can easily knit.

Let's start!

4 pieces Beige color rope
2 pieces Brown color rope
8 mm knitting needles
Auger Patterned Pillow
It measures 27 × 40.

The front and back sides are knitted in the same way in 2 parts. It is knitted with beige thread. A total of 2 beige color threads are used.

1) It  starts with 24 stitches.

2)  Knit 7 stitches in plain, 10 stitches in reverse, 7 stitches in plain knitting.

3)  Knit 7 stitches in reverse, 10 stitches in plain, 7 stitches in purl.

Items 2 and 3 are made for a total of 15 rows.

4) 7 loops are reverse, 10 loops are removed and 5 loops on the right side are passed on the left bottle, the 5 loops on the left are knitted on the right side and the first twist is formed.