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Would you like to wait in the queue at any saloon for any kind of beauty treatment ? Off-course , not. It really hurts to spend the hard earned money on anything which can be easily done by yourself. Home manicures is very simple and can definitely save you money and it even offers you the satisfaction and proud of flaunting on other by saying " I did it myself". So, get ready and set aside just some time for pampering yourself.

Secrets to a Salon Perfect At-Home Manicure is ought to be weekly process. So, lets start now!! Start by removing any earlier nail polish. By dampening the cotton pad in polish remover for just few seconds on your nails and rub from base of your nail towards tip. Ensure that you use separate cotton for every nail. Then file your nails properly with the emery board on slant. File the nails always in one direction.

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