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05 February 2021 ( 215 views )

Making a Beach Bag with Paper Rope


We have brought you a very easy and very useful knitting model.

You will also be caught in the energy of yellow in this bag knitted with paper rope, which is also fashionable.

In short, this bag has everything

Let's knit right now!

4 pieces Mustard Yellow color paper rope
4/5 mm crochet hook
Wool needle
Decorative button, bead ribbon, etc.
Front-Rear Track
I folded the paper thread in half and knitted it in two layers. You can use a single coat.

1. 15 double handrails (15) inside the magic ring
2. 2 double handrails (30) in each loop
3.1 single, 1 double handrail (45)
4. two singles, one double handrails (60)
5. three singles, one double handrails (75)
6. 4 singles, one double handrails (90)
7. 5 single and 1 double handrails respectively (105)
8. 6 single, 1 double handrails (120)
9. 7 single and 1 double handrails (135)
10. 8 odd, 1 double (150) respectively into the loops

This way one side is finished. Likewise, we knit the other side. I knit handrails with the front side as Blo, that is, sinking into the back of the loops. It was different, you can do it that way if you wish.

1. We pull 13 chains and make 10 double handrails from the 4th chain.
2. We pull 2 ​​chains and go to the top row and make 10 double handrails. In this way we knit for 42 rows.

Bag Handles
1. We pull 111 chains and make a single handrail from the 2nd chain.

It is up to you to personalize your bag to any color buttons, ribbons or labels you want, with ornaments and labels.