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On April Fools’ Day 1957, BBC viewers watched a program about a "spaghetti tree" in Switzerland, and many were so convinced it was real that they wanted to grow their own.

In 1957, the BBC pulled off what is arguably one of the greatest April Fools’ joke of all time. The “spaghetti tree” hoax was so good and so believable, in fact, that even BBC staff members were convinced, and had to research the topic to confirm that it was a hoax.

On April 1, 1957, BBC’s broadcasting network aired a three-minute video segment, which showed farmers “harvesting” a rare delicacy from a grove of trees: spaghetti. Remarkably, the segment was so believable that hundreds of viewers called in demanding to know how to grow their own “spaghetti trees.”

Here’s the full story of the BBC’s outrageous “spaghetti tree” hoax.

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