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19 January 2022 ( 124 views )

How to Get Rid Of a Bad Breath

How to Get Rid Of a Bad Breath

Bad breath, known as “halitosis” is a situation that many people face. It disturbs people. Furthermore, it can give disturb the people around too. Bad breath may have different causes. At the same time, it has different treatment ways too.

What is bad breath (Halitosis)?

It is a disturbing condition directly related to breath. Because of some causes, mouth starts to give a bad smell. In that condition, sometimes people can not notice their mouth smell. It is hard to decide personally whether the person has bad breath or not. In order to find it, one can consult a doctor. Or initially, one should re-consider oral and dental hygiene habits. It can be by brushing teeth more frequently or using dental floss and drinking more water. However, if there is still bad breath even after these changes, one should consult a professional.

What are the causes of bad breath?

It can result from several substances. These can be:

  • Food(Consuming too spicy or heavy smelling food)
  • Medicine(Some medicines can come up with halitosis side effect)
  • Infections in the mouth(They can create a bad breath)
  • Dry mouth(As the mouth dries saliva production declines)
  • Tobacco products(They are really harmful to mouth health)
  • Bad teeth care(Creates halitosis)

Moreover, some stomach-related diseases and reflux can cause bad breath.

How to get rid of bad breath?

There are some easy and small precations you can do at home. Doing teeth care regularly is really important. Brushing the tongue is an advisory for precaution. Moreover, if you have a denture, cleaning it regularly is necessary too. Changing toothbrush periodically is crucial too. Furthermore, avoiding food and drink that may decline the saliva amount in mouth is important. Besides food, avoiding bad habits is a requirement. One shouldn’t drink too much alcohol or smoke. It is not only harmful to the mouth but harmful to the whole body.

To sum up, Halitosis is a curable condition. Furthermore, with some basic actions, you can prevent it easily.


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