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A dark underarm is "saboteur" of your beauty mainly in summer. Find out what are the main causes of this problem and uses some effective herbal solution. In the summer, your skin is more exposed than ever. It is natural to claim its the perfect uniformity, no dark areas from sunlight, perspiration and other external aggressions.Summer has arrived with all its charms, and you accept not only to look perfect. We encourage this attitude and we assure you that dark skin in the armpit area is not only an annoyance that you're facing. The causes may be different from your kind of constitution to clothing and various diseases. The constitution , if you are very athletic, your feet are perfectly aligned and thighs tend to touch each other in walking, causing her rubbing and irritation. Similarly, if you have a few extra pounds, the same phenomenon cause underarm hyperpigmentation; excessive heat - sweating because of excessive heat cause skin friction sensitive areas which darkens ; various diseases -diabetes or some fungal infections as a symptom darker skin color in certain areas of the body.
Here are some herbal solution for dark underarm:
Do you believe or not, pigmented dark underarm can be treated with sodium bicarbonate powder up whether it directly on freshly washed skin, or prepare a paste with this ingredient and lemon juice. You get out at the same time and odor or you just can soak some cotton pads in coconut oil and buff your dark underarm every night. Cut a lemon in 4 and uses one of the sections after the shower, massaging your dark underarm. Take the juice of a raw potato and buff your underarm with a cotton ball. Sandalwood powder mixed with rose water is another excellent solution.
Mix 1/2 tsp turmeric powder, two teaspoons of lemon juice and 200 ml of yogurt. Massage your problem areas and wait about 15 minutes. Repeat this ritual every day for two weeks. You will have a lighter skin.
Combine dried orange peel, yogurt and oatmeal, then apply this mixture between legs. You get rid of dead skin and pigmentation will become less visible. Papaya extract works too.
Turmeric powder mixed with milk and cream moisturizes sensitive skin and whitens the same time.
A mixture of lemon juice and oil bath will do wonders among thy loins: apply it on problem-sections and leave it on for 30 minutes. Licorice soap and it gets rid of the problem in record time.

Written By: Funky20

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