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19 January 2022 ( 103 views )

Health at Pregnancy

When a woman is pregnant these are good news to her but she doesn't have any idea about the yukky side effects. Some of the side effects of the pregnancy are nausea, swollen feet and itchy stretch marks. You also encounter some physical changes, your breast enlarge, you may increase in size and you find yourself adding weight, your tummy will protrude showing the baby bump.

When you are pregnant you blood volume increases because it is need for your growing baby. The hormones are on the high level and you will find other parts of your body darkening but its not something to worry about hence the darkening fades away after six months when you deliver. But in some women the skin remains the same. You can use sunscreen.

Other body changes that you may experience are discharge from you vaginal, some may have a mild smell while others don't. The discharge is milkish, due to the increase of oestrogen production and blood flow to the genitals . If the discharge is smelly or have a green, yellow color and a smell you should see a doctor. This might be a bacteria or yeast infection. For comfort purpose wear a cotton pant and a pantie line to lessen discomfort. All these will lessen when you be holding your baby in your arms.

You will have difficult sleeping and it advisable to always try to sleep on comfortable pillows and mostly during the last trimester try to sleep on your left side. This is because the vein that supplies blood to the fetus is on the right side and when you lay on you right then the blood wont flow properly to your baby but will go to your head. So during this last months sleeping on the left side is highly recommended.

Written By: Lichotti

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