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02 February 2021 ( 120 views )

Great Skin Advice from 11 Dermatologists

1- Make skin care at any convenient time

Francesca Fusco:

I also have beauty care products in a small bag in my car. When the traffic is congested, I apply a lot of things like serum, eye mask, teeth whitening sticks, eyebrow gel.

2- Massage the face to fight wrinkles

Jessica Wu:

Everyone, including myself, is grimacing and sullen at night. This causes wrinkle lines on the face and wrinkles around the eyes. I do acupuncture with cotton wool for a few minutes before going to bed to rest my face. Apply pressure under the eyebrows, temples and around the nose, holding for 10 seconds each.

3- Moisturize your skin from the inside out and the outside inside

Dendy Engelman:

Contrary to popular belief, water consumed during the day does not contribute to the proper hydration of the skin. It is very important to use moisturizing steam, cream and serum as supplements from the outside.