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19 January 2022 ( 10412 views )

Earwax and ear cleaning: Learn about it

Earwax and ear cleaning: Learn about it

Earwax is a body secretion. It is not a waste of body so, it is wrong to call it Earwax. Cerumen protects the eardrums. It filters the air and prevents passing small particles to get into the ear canal. In other words, the interaction of particles in the air with the ear causes earwax.

What is Cerumen/Earwax?

Cerumen is not dirt or body waste as generally known. It protects against any particles that are possible to interact with ear. Cerumen is the natural defense of the body. If we clean the Cerumen, it makes our ear vulnerable to any external factor. Cerumen solidifies over time. Solidified Cerumen is thrown out to the ear. There are some factors that may affect the increase of the cerumen amount.

Why earwax forms?

Cerumen is a secretion that finishes its function in the air. As a result, it is wrong to call it an earwax. It protects the eardrums by producing itself continuously. If cerumen dries while catching the air it solidifies and turns into a real earwax. Earwax may result from these factors:

  • Trying to clean the ear with unfamiliar substances to the ear
  • Genetical ear shape that blocks the earwax to come out of the ear
  • Being exposed to dusty or dirty areas for a long time
  • Using hearing aid, or headphones that may block the ear canal

Generally blocking the ear canal affects the formation of cerumen and as a result, earwax.

Ways to clean your ear

People generally use ear q-tips for cleaning their ears. However, q-tips may give harm to the eardrums or ear canal. Furthermore, it is not advisory to use ear-cleaning products without knowledge at home. It may give more harm than benefit.

To clean auricle and it is using cotton fabric and q-tips is a healthy choice. However, it shouldn’t get in touch with the ear canal or eardrums. For deep ear cleaning, taking professional help is crucial. Otherwise trying to solve your ear-related problem may give you more harm.


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