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31 January 2021 ( 83 views )

Do It Now Come On: Cup Dessert Recipe

We have good news for those who can not give up practical tastes and who care about the presentation of their meals! The cup dessert, which you can quickly make with the ingredients at home, is beautiful enough to use as a home decor by decorating with coconut and fruits. You come to bed next to you

You can make changes according to your taste in this practical recipe. You can get a different and stylish presentation by making the pudding, which is mostly vanilla flavored, with cocoa, strawberry or banana. Even preparing two colors will add a great atmosphere. We attached the video below. We strongly recommend you to try this recipe, which will be prepared very easily for your tea hours and special events. Bon Appetit!

Ingredients for Dessert Recipe

1 liter milk
2 coffee cups flour
1 tablespoon margarine
2.5 coffee cups powdered sugar
1 pack of vanillin
1 cup of grated coconut

For the Top

6 strawberries (banana if desired)

How to Make Cup Dessert Recipe?

1. Add milk, flour and sugar in a deep saucepan, mix them with a whisk and cook until it reaches the consistency of pudding.