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05 February 2021 ( 133 views )

Bikini Making with Mercerized Thread


Are those who love summer here?

Even though there is still a lot of time for summer, those who want to start summer preparations will love this recipe!

With our recipe, you can easily make a knit bikini that never sweats and you can wear easily with mercerized yarn.

Let's start!

Mercerized Cotton rope;
1 White color rope
1 Green color rope
1 Light Blue color rope
2.5 mm crochet hook
We will knit and join them in two separate parts.

1. We begin pulling chains 21, 19 are frequently weaving needle onto the chain. We increase the 20th chain by making 5 needles and we pass to the other side of the chain and complete the row by knitting 19 thick needles.

2. We reverse our braid by pulling a chain. After knitting 21 frequent needles, 1 on each loop, we make 2 frequent needles in the 22nd loop and complete the row by knitting the remaining 21 frequent needles.