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19 January 2022 ( 79 views )

Ballerina Cake Recipe

Think of a cake. Let it be prepared with only 3 ingredients and turn your tea time into one of the most favorite desserts with its presentation and excellent taste. This time, we are here with a wonderful recipe that proves that making a cake is not that difficult. This cake has no sponge cake, no cream! You only need pudding, biscuits and milk. The rest look to lay the biscuits upright and shape them. Here is a yummy ballerina cake recipe, one of the easiest cake recipes you have ever tried!

Although it looks like a mosaic cake, it differs from it in shape. It has a stylish presentation as it is sliced ​​diagonally and the biscuits are arranged upright. If you wish, you can try it with plain, banana or different puddings. It will even taste better with your own homemade pudding. Come on then let the teas brew and a slice of ballerina cake come with them!

Ingredients for Ballerina Cake Recipe

1 packet of biscuits
1 pack of cocoa pudding
3 cups of milk

How to Make Ballerina Cake Recipe?

1. Transfer your cocoa pudding with milk into a saucepan. Mix and cook as written on the back of the package.

2. Mix and cool your pudding at room temperature.