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01 February 2021 ( 244 views )

A Kind of Ice Cream: Strawberry Parfait Recipe in 10 Minutes

Our favorite things in summer heat are desserts that will refresh and cool us. Especially, we all love the practical and very fast prepared ones.

This parfait with lots of strawberries and biscuits, which you can prepare in just 10 minutes, will be a favorite of you and your guests. Practical in preparation, never cooked, and colorful service and presentation, this beautiful recipe will always be ready in your freezer and waiting for you to eat it with pleasure. Come on, we already say good health to your hands and wish you bon appetit.

Ingredients for Strawberry Parfait Recipe in 10 Minutes

For Parfait:

2 packs of liquid cream
5 tablespoons of powdered sugar
300 grams of fresh strawberries
100 grams of biscuits
100 grams of cocoa biscuit
1 tea glass of chocolate chips

For the Top:

1 teaspoon powdered pistachios
strawberries (chopped)

How To Make Strawberry Parfait Recipe In 10 Minutes?

1. Put the cream and powdered sugar in a deep bowl and whisk them with a mixer until they swell.

2. Then crumble the biscuits into it.