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Interesting Historical Events: The Lost Colony of Roanoke

In 1585, the colony of Roanoke was founded, in what is presently Dare County, N.C.

The colony was founded as one of the first attempts to establish a permanent English settlement in the New World.

Queen Elizabeth I sanctioned the mission, granting a charter to Sir Walter Raleigh to establish a colony. Raleigh was supposed to discover all the “remote heathen and barbarous lands,” and bring riches from the New World back to England. He was also supposed to establish a military base, to counteract the activity of the Spaniards, who were also set on pillaging resources from the Americas.

After a few initial exploratory expeditions, during which contact with two native tribes had been made, and a few bases had been established, Raleigh dispatched 115 colonists to establish a colony on the Chesapeake Bay. The colonists were lead by John White, a friend of Raleigh’s who had been on one of the previous expeditions to Roanoke.

The colony was established and peace was made between the settlers and the Croatoan people. A baby was even born to White’s daughter, the first child to be born in North America, named Virginia Dare.

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